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We cannot do it alone.
Let’s create, connect, and inspire
– together!


Supporting local ventures and sustainable practices are a big part of our work ethic and lifestyle. VOICE started at the onset of Covid-19 in 2020 to support locally owned businesses. Many were hit with looming uncertainty. We felt that we could give back to our community and encourage fellow small business owners, like ourselves, to keep strong by offering our creative services. We first started off on foot to discover unique shops in our neighbourhood. We captured uplifting portraits, had candid interviews and established a special Instagram account to focus on the “VOICE” of local business owners.

VOICE has now become an online media that shed light on the importance of community, not only during a time of crisis, but during all times thick or thin. Unifying our community makes it stronger economically and socially.  We are happy that this became an opportunity to strengthen the bonds between people within their community and appreciate the involvement we can all have just by exploring our own neighbourhoods. We hope to bring about some long-lasting, wholesome change on how we live, how we shop and how we eat for a better and sustainable future.

We are committed to bringing a positive impact to our community by making VOICE a donation-based project. Half the funds are used to keep our operation going. The other half is donated to a local charity as a way to invest in initiatives that help grow a more socially responsible community. We support charities that are dedicated to cleaning the environment, increasing food security, helping our vulnerable populations, and any other pressing issues that may come up. 




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New to Modo? Modo is round trip carsharing and makes carsharing easy so you can get all the benefits of having access to a vehicle without the hassle of owning one. Whether you need to run errands around town or drive to the mountains with your family, Modo’s carsharing fleet fits your needs! You can pick one of Modo's shared hybrids, SUVs, trucks, cargo vans or EVs and ride worry-free with all-included insurance, gas and dedicated parking spots.

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