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Brand consultation

- Production & Advice, Design,


After years of experience in the beauty industry, MINA creates timeless designs and brands that communicate their story with purpose and personality. She has a passion for creating from scratch and thoughtfully forming products. 

From large-scale companies to small one-off projects, she is happy to bring your vision to life.

m.m.m Cosmetics Japan

Launch of an all-natural & organic skincare makeup brand, m.m.m is exclusively available in 54 stores in Japan and HK.


- Brand foundation design, Brand production, Package foundation design.

Dentsu inc.

Previous member of a discussion board with Dentsu inc, the largest advertising agency in Japan.  Discussion on building new visions and product & development foundation for one of the Japanese housekeeping brands.

- Brand consultation

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EMODA Cosmetics

Brand renewal of the fashion-forward makeup collection by a Japanese apparel retailer, EMODA.

- Brand renewal design, Brand production, Package design.

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