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- What we do is what we love


HIRO and MINA are a husband and wife team specializing in visual production services. We made a big leap by moving from Tokyo to Vancouver in 2017. HIRO is a photographer, MINA is a beauty professional; both have over 20 years of international experience in our industry working for the likes of VOGUE, ELLE, Forbes, Rolling Stones, and many other multinational clients.  We packed our bags and landed on BC's West Coast in Canada for a more relaxed lifestyle and our love for nature.  Together, we founded YUSHiiN LABO to continue to create, connect, and inspire in the world of visual production. We provide refined and thoughtful experiences for people and brands to effectively share their stories with lasting impact. 

We are very passionate about captivating people through engaging stories and understand how beautiful imagery can evoke emotions. Each client is unique with their own purpose and journey. With our intimate knowledge of visual communication, we can help elevate your vision to achieve greater things.





HIRO has over 20 years of experience with photographing individuals, products and scenery. He deeply connects with his subject and captures your story and feeling through the eyes of his lens. His mastery of light and shadow and attention to the most minute details will bring a long-lasting impact for your imagery.

Web Production
& Visual Design

Online presence has become the new type of flagship store for any business. We provide custom designed websites that are thoughtfully crafted for your business. We lead with your brand voice and apply new techniques of design and photography to reach your audience. Our goal is to make the complex and sometimes daunting digital experience a simple one.

SNS Management

We seek to differentiate your brand from competitors by pursuing originality. We will also enhance the brand value through carefully selected images and texts.

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